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[heading subtitle=”We specialize in Mega Yacht Dockage, Repair, and Storage”]Welcome to Universal Marine Center [/heading]


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Universal Marine Center is a newly opened upscale, refit and repair facility.  We can accommodate vessels of every size up to 165 feet in length.

Captains are in complete command at UMC. Feel free to bring in any licensed contractor you think is best for your project or use one of our on-site contractors.

We strive to provide distinctive, personalized customer service and our goal is to gain the respect and trust of our long term customers.  We welcome your inquiries regarding our competitive pricing, reserving a slip, renovations, and repairs for your yacht or storage and invite you to come take a tour of our marina.


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Crane or Tractor + operators for rent
Hazardous waste removal
Storage Containers for rent (20ft or 40ft)
On-site Subcontractors
Mail and package delivery area



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Dockage for Yachts up to 165 Feet
3 Covered wet slips (to make repairs in any weather)
18 Mega Yacht Berths
Container, Mast, Bay, and Yard Storage.
Water and Electricity at all slips

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On-site contractors

Top Quality Yacht
Advantage Marine Services


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Conveniently located on “Marina Mile” the yard is just minutes from Ft.Lauderdale International Airport.
It is also close to shopping, beaches, and golfing.


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